The Palace Cathedral - Founding Family

The Right Reverend Frederick Eikerenkoetter (“Rev. Ike”), Th.B., D.Sc.L., Ph.D. - Founder.

Bishop Xavier Frederick Eikerenkoetter III (“Rev. Ike’s Son”), B.A., M.Sc.L, D.Sc.L. - Spiritual Director.

The Reverend Mrs. Eula M. Dent Eikerenkoetter (“Rev. Mrs. Ike”), B.A., M.A., D.Sc.L.

Bishop Xavier Frederick Eikerenkoetter III, Rev. Ike’s son, presided with his father as second in command of Rev. Ike Ministries up until Rev. Ike's transition in July, 2009. Now Bishop Xavier has stepped into his destiny as the leader of this Ministry, and his unique voice will help to ensure that Rev. Ike's timeless teachings live on for generations to come.




The Reverend and Mrs. Ike at a recent
awards ceremony.

"A wise son maketh a glad father..."
- Proverbs 15:20

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